What is the best way to invest in cryptocurrency?

By Josh Baazov on March 3, 2022

While the general audience is still apprehensive of investing in cryptocurrency, the same has become quite popular over the past few years. Cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin has indeed made its place in the mainstream as an investment asset class.

Investing in crypto can be a bit scary in the beginning but once you understand how it works, you can certainly gain from it. There are a lot of options in the market.

Investors who are willing to invest in cryptocurrency must have fair know-how of how digital currency works. There are various crypto investment options available in the market but you have to understand the risks before buying.

Invest in cryptocurrency after you know the basics.

Cryptocurrency investing basics: Cryptocurrency is basically a digital currency that acts as a medium of exchange. It has various similarities with physical currency as well as various differences. It is generally known as a speculative type of investment asset. Cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology for transactions.

Once you have made the decision of investing in cryptocurrency, the next step will be keeping crypto safe. You should also know that crypto assets need a private key which is absolutely necessary for dealing with the transactions.

On platform storage: Some people keep their cryptocurrency on the platform of exchange where they got it. You will get the information once you log in. On-platform storage is generally availed by investors who want to trade their crypto at the earliest or have the plan to participate in exchanges rewards program.

Noncustodial wallets: This is another option for storing the same. You can store your crypto in hot wallets and cold wallets.

Credit in point, make sure that the exchange you want supports the cryptocurrency you are interested in.

Note: As an investor in this space, you must be prepared for volatility. The market does change every few hours and this part be a little strenuous for many people. However, several have gained from crypto over the past few quarters because of the sky-high returns it provides.

Benefits of investing in crypto

Diversification in the portfolio: One of the major benefits of investing in cryptocurrency is that the diversification is huge. It is unrelated to the price of traditional assets which makes it unique.

Return potential: As adoption increases, cryptocurrency has proved to provide strong returns. If you are looking for an investment option with solid returns, then you must go for a sound cryptocurrency. Additional utility: Some of the cryptocurrencies also provide utility. Bitcoin can be used by investors to pay for goods and services.

A few cons of using crypto

Limited regulation: As you all know, there is limited regulation in this space. This means that if your account gets hacked, you can be exposed to fraudsters. Moreover, there have been scams in the cryptocurrency space before, which makes it a little difficult for investors to instill their confidence in the same. Moreover, the rise of regulation might decrease the demand for some of the cryptocurrencies.

High volatility: As mentioned earlier, if you are investing in this space then be prepared for volatility. Cryptocurrency can change wildly on an everyday basis. Massive price swings can be difficult for some weak-hearted investors.

How to pick the right cryptocurrency:

Always start with good homework. The more you research, the better you will be able to know about cryptocurrencies. There are various cryptocurrencies right there to choose from. Owing cryptocurrency means ownership of digital assets with zero intrinsic value. The price can inflate if the demand increases and there is a limited supply.

While choosing a cryptocurrency, you should evaluate a few things such as what will drive the demand for the coin when the supply increases.

You must have answers to all the doubts that are coming to your mind. Try to take part in a community where people are already investing in cryptocurrency and they know a lot. Read blogs and watch videos related to the same. You should always keep the pro tips in mind while making an investment.

You should also check the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency because if a market capital is already very high, the growth opportunities are limited.

While many are not sure about investing in cryptocurrency, let us tell you that many consumers are already benefiting from it. There are a lot of advantages to investing in cryptocurrency. One of the foremost advantages that we want to focus on is transaction speed.

Other than that, privacy, transparency, inflation, protection, and transaction costs are various other reasons why more and more investors are taking interest in this space.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, which is generally supported by a technology known as a blockchain.

In this regard, you should know that there are several crypto exchanges and investing platforms that can help you invest. Some of them are Coinbase, Voyager, BlockFi, Uphold, Kraken, eToro, Bitcoin IRA, Crypto.com, Binance, Hodlnaut, etc.

How does cryptocurrency work?

Unlike other monetary exchanges, cryptocurrencies are not supported by a central authority such as a government. It is generally exchanged from peer to peer without a middleman.

In other words, cryptocurrencies are decentralized. Cryptocurrency can generally be stored in a wallet.

If you are dealing in a platform, you have to sign up with the required credentials. You also need to download the application and buy cryptocurrency. Users should also know that they can purchase cryptocurrencies fractionally.

The best way to invest in cryptocurrency:

1. Learn how cryptocurrencies are managed: One of the first things that you should do in this regard is to know how it is managed. For example, if you buy Bitcoin you have to understand the fundamentals. Bitcoin supply is capped at 21 million.

2. Understanding the fundamentals: Fundamental analysis for cryptocurrency will help investors analyze the valuation metrics, which in turn will help them make the right decisions.

When it comes to investment, you have to understand the market cap, hash rate, trading value, and more. Without understanding the market capitalization and active addresses, you might make the wrong decision.

3. Exchange or broker register: If you are willing to invest in cryptocurrency, you should start by choosing a crypto exchange or brokerage firm. Play.

4. Purchase your cryptocurrency: Once you have decided which cryptocurrency to invest in, you make the payment. If you are buying coins from cryptocurrency brokers or exchanges, it gets typically stored in a custodial wallet.

5. Store your investment: Cryptocurrency involves buying and storing them. You need a wallet for that. Now, what is a wallet? It is an online application that stores your Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency.

Most of the brokers provide the services to their users (which we mentioned earlier). This includes a hot wallet and a cold wallet.

In short, a hot wallet is connected to the Internet and cold wallets are not connected to the Internet.

You have to constantly evaluate the options you have.


Open a brokerage account at a platform that allows crypto transactions. After that, deposit funds to the brokerage account. Purchase a stock using deposited funds as cash balance. After that, sell the share for a gain or a loss.

Things to check:


Can I get cryptocurrency for free?

This is a major question that comes into the minds of investors. Yes, you can get crypto by solving cryptographic equations through computers.

How much money do I need to get started?

You can start with a small amount. Most of the exchanges in the US allows investments as low as $5.

What can I buy with cryptocurrency?

Some of the trading sites are allowing investors to buy vouchers with this format of currency. In the United States, PayPal and Whole Foods allows users to pay via crypto.

How stable is crypto?

Cryptos are not stable. The market is volatile but once you understand how it works, you can surely gain from it. Some investors have gained from the high swing as well.

Conclusion: To wrap it up, we are not denying the fact that cryptocurrency is a risky investment. Since it is a high-risk investment, we suggest you start with a small part of it. You can also diversify it via a range of cryptocurrencies. The space is growing by the day and now that white papers are available for cryptocurrencies, investors can rely on them.

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