What are The Best Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies of 2022?

By Josh Baazov on May 7, 2022

With the ongoing era of the Bitcoin, there are a lot of uncertainties and ambiguities. You need to follow cryptocurrency investment strategies for getting maximum profits, potential investors and holders are now investing in crypto trading. Crypto trading has both its pros and cons, there are several risks with chances of scams and frauds.

Top 5 Smart Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies

If you have to carry out a safe crypto trading, you must study the potential strategies for getting the best outcomes. In fact, there are various strategies and resources like trading simulator software or stick screening which can prove to be highly useful for capitalizing price movements of commodities, currencies, and stocks.

Here are a few cryptocurrency investment strategies for great yields. Take a look.

1. Day Trading

One of the first and foremost cryptocurrency investment strategies that involves buying and selling of security like cryptocurrency within one day is Day Trading. This can usually happen in a marketplace, stock markets, or cypto exchanges such as Binance or Crypto.com. Day Trading is conducted by well-funded and qualified day traders with the mission of utilizing higher amounts of strategies and leverages for currencies or high stocks.

You can make use of technical indicators like RSI, Bollinger bands for successful day trading in order to analyze the current and previous market trends for entering and exiting the market at the correct time. The main aim of this mechanism for achieving enormous profit rates is booking maximum profits among the intraday price movements.

2. Technical Analysis

By using mathematical and chart patterns, Technical Analysis, is another strategy for predicting the price movements. You will require platforms of Technical Analysis like Trading View. These kinds of computer software carries out the real-time calculations on market data at the back-end, thereby allowing you to see the market movements on the computer or smartphones.

The Relative Strength Index or RSI is a popular technical indicator which can be used as a single line below the chart.  It has a value of somewhere between 0 and 100. The closer the RSI will get to 100, conditions will get further exaggerated, leading to a downfall in the prices. When the RSI goes closer to 0, the more oversold the conditions will be, increasing the prices. This is what the TA or Technical Analysis is when it comes to crypto trading.

3. Range Trading

An active technique of investment that identifies a range at which you will able to buy and sell your assets within a short span of time is known as Range Technique. This type of crypto trading works on the principle that prices are likely to fluctuate within a particular range.

As a result, traders tend to buy when the prices are at a support level and sell these at a resistance level. Support is the level of price if the demand for the crypto is substantially strong for preventing it from going down further. And the price level when the supply for the crypto is strong enough for preventing it from going up further is known as resistance.

For instance, if we assume that Ether is trading at $3000 and it can be foreseen that these rates can go as high as $3500, the trade will be a range between $3000 and $3500 in the next few weeks. You may trade it while purchasing Etherium at $3000 and later sell it at $3500 when the range goes higher. You may also carry out the same procedure twice until you understand that the currency will not be able to trade in the decided range.

4. High-frequency Trading or HFT

HFT or High-frequency trading, also known as the Bot trading, is a strategy that involves trading bots. These are a kind of software which uses algorithms for executing big trades within a short span of time. This mechanism is based on substantive knowledge and advanced level programming for carrying out all the trades successfully via bots or automated software.

While the high-frequency traders think of strategies and even build appropriate programs for its execution, trading bots can trade themselves. Regular monitoring, back-testing, algorithm updates are some of the steps that are carried out to be on par with the market fluctuations of the cryptocurrency and other such digital assets.

5. Scalping

One of the quick trading strategies where you can gain more profits from comparatively smaller price movements is known as Scalping. The Scalping trader will concentrate on making little quick profits from small fluctuations in price repeatedly. Scalping involves certain risks too owing to the use of higher volumes of trading for making profits.

You must ensure of taking care of the margin leverage in order to prevent poor experiences. Moreover, you must excel in chart analysis, great at making decisions, and have a substantial understanding of how to not waste any time. Majority of the traders study the crypto assets, its volume, the current and past trends in order to take the right steps in scalp trading.

6 Useful Tips on How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Apart from these cryptocurrency investment strategies, in order to deal with the extensive swings in price when it comes to cryptocurrencies, you can also seek help from the following tips so that you can manage best way to invest in cryptocurrency and make maximum gains. Check it out now.

1. Pick the Correct Mixture for Storage

You must store the cryptocurrency in a safe manner. Usually, digital assets have to be kept in cold or hot storage. While hot storage means online digital wallets, cold storage refers to an offline wallet, which is usually kept on a hard drive. According to the experts, you should keep all your cryptocurrencies in the cold wallet which avoids any hacking incident.

It is more convenient to keep your crypto in a hot wallet so that the crypto traders can change their positions rapidly. Ideally, you should hold approximately 80% of your long-term funds in a cold wallet and use the hot wallet for short-term movements.

2. Emphasize on Liquidity

When you are deciding how to invest in the crypto market, liquidity is an important factor. Remember that the market experiences fast movements and as a result, traders can change their positions rapidly. This suggests that there needs to be a demand for cyptocurrency for which the market participants will be able to purchase at a great price.

And as a result, when you decide to sell some of the holdings, you can make a good profit. It can be useful to check the current trading volume of a crypto asset if you want to measure the liquidity. This will indicate the amount of cryptocurrency which has been bought and sold, suggesting the interest in the asset overall.

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3. Gain from Volatility

As the cryptocurrency is an upcoming and developing asset, there are a lot of hype and speculations about the asset class which heightens its volatility. On one hand, you will notice the big shifts in proce as a risk, on the other hand, daily volatility is considered to be healthy and natural in the crypto market. It is believed to be an opportunity for making gains.

Volatility is always fruitful for the crypto traders and investors. However, you should study the type of trader you are to manage the volatility risk in an effective manner which will enable you to further take care of the price fluctuations in the market.

Pay attention to what is happening in the market and with the traded asset as well. Follow the news closely, especially blockchain-related updates and the historical charts for correctly identifying the emerging patters.

4. Check What You Can Afford

Cryptocurrencies are known as speculative assets which involves a great deal of losses. That is why you should invest in the crypto market only when you can afford to make a loss. If you cannot withstand losses for your crypto investment, it means that you can take up the risk of these investments.

Your risk tolerance in the crypto market can be determined on your earning capabilities and your expertise level. If you are new to the crypto investments, you must allocate less amount of your investable income to the asset category as opposed to a veteran crypto investor or a decentralized finance or DeFi expert.

5. Claim your Gains Frequently

According to the experts, all crypto market investors should claim their profits more frequently. The right practice is to store your profits in the hardware wallet and when it is time to take out your gains, crypto market investors are exposed to the challenge of the soaring or sinking prices of cryptocurrencies.

Regular taking out of profits can smoothen the risks over a period of time. You must try to understand the reason for entering the crypto market. This will help you understand what will be the entry and exit points of your investment.

6. Try to Diversify

Never put all your eggs in one basket. The right strategy to reduce your risks in the crypto market will be to make your crypto investments in several coins and crypto projects. You will find many investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain that includes IoT, DeFi projects, nonfungible tokens, and other variety of coins.

You should diversify the cryptocurrency exchanges as these do not have the same assets. If you spread your investments across various digital assets, you can decrease your overall risk portfolio.

With these effective Cryptocurrency Investment strategies and useful tips, trading can be fun as well as beneficial.

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