"I have seen poverty, lived in poverty, and worked hard to come out of it and now I want to eliminate poverty from as far as I can."

Investor and Visionary

The Canadian based serial entrepreneur is like modern day Tony Stark in the crypto industry. He is working tirelessly to bring positive changes and solutions for socio-economic challenges.

The beginning of the legacy:

Josh got an electrician education in Canada.

Josh Baazov founded his first company Kazbek International in 1996,

Since then he has invested in dozens of crypto startups throughout the world.

In 2015 he co-founded Baazov Investment Fund.

He had invested in lot of startup such as Ecowave, Mindfly, Terrific.live and much more.



1. Making social impact through smart investment and empowering the community that we partner up with.

2. Allocating fund for the development and implementation of educational, social, and cultural services for the Jews of Georgia and their families in Georgia.

Most ambitious upcoming projects:

As mentioned earlier that Josh is a visionary and always live up to his reputation of bringing disruption with positive Innovations in high tech startup spectrum.

Now, Josh is working to build an open source gaming platform in metaverse.


Since 2020, the millionaire of Georgian origin has overseen the work of Open Baazov Canadian foundations, a network of over 20 regional and national foundations in Canada This association supports charitable initiatives, which include campaign funding, promotion of freedom of and human rights, and the development of Orthodox school.

Book and events

Upcoming Book
Thorough it all by the grace of GD
(Journey of a metaverse trailblazer)

“I think I came here with a purpose,no challenges,no
social influence can make me stop working for people.”

Josh Baazov

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